Ali'i Linen Services

Maui's Premier Linen Supply

We offer top of the line services for the hospitality industry on Maui.

Alii Linen operates the following equipment in our plant:

What all this equipment means to you is that we have fast turn around times. Because we have redundancy in our machines, you never have to worry about not getting your order fullfiled.

Quality Control

The proper mixing of chemicals and clean soft water is critical to providing our customers with the highest quality laundry service. We constantly monitor the quality of your linen. A technician spends many hours each week testing the PH levels of your linen to ensure the chemicals are being properly dispensed and rinsed from your linen. Testing on a regular basis is critical to ensure your linen is handled properly and is consistently clean.

Because we operate an F&B line here at Ali'i Linen, we understand how to get stains out of your linen. Our ability to remove a grease or grill stain from a bar towel means that we can recover most of your linen in our stain treatment process. Ali'i Linen has the best quality in Maui. We will never cut corners to sacrifice our quality.

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