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Let us tell you about our family

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy at Ali'i Linen is simple; never give our customers back a problem. This means that if our customers experience a problem with our service, we will take every reasonable measure to correct the problem so you can go about the business of taking care of your guests. We believe it is this philosophy and our desire to earn your business each and every day that will result in an excellent relationship between Ali'i Linen and you.

Plant Capacity and Stats

Alii Linen processes approximately 35,000 lbs of laundry every day. We have the capacity to process 65,000 lbs each day. We operate a food and beverage line as well as a hospitality line. The present split is 25% F&B and 75% hospitality linen.

Plant Equipment and Redundancy

Alii Linen operates the following equipment in our plant:

In 2010, Ali'i Linen installed a new state-of-the art boiler that has the ability burn on LP and Diesel. This allows us to have redundancies in case of LP or Diesel shortages.

Meeting Your Goals

Ali'i Linen is committed to providing the highest quality Laundry Service in Maui at a reasonable price. We are able to assist you in meeting this goal in a couple of ways.